Poland sets VOD rules

Flag-of-Poland-avms-done In October 2012, the Sejm (Polish parliament) has now incorporated new rules on VOD services into the country´s laws on radio and TV broadcasting, thereby implementing the ´minimum regulation´ required by the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMS). This amendment  →

AVMS Insights

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image16860743 AVMS Insights offers an overview of AVMS implementation across Europe. Published in the October 2012 edition of InterMedia, the journal of the International Institute of Communications, the article is available to subscribers of the magazine. Contact us for details.  →

What does ¨TV like¨ mean?

tvlike Ofcom has published its long-awaited research into the definition of what is ´TV Like¨ in the context of AVMS, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive. The report, commissioned by Ofcom and carried out by Essential Research Ltd, was intended to help  →

Children and Parents – New Report on Media Use & Attitudes

dreamstimemaximum_16275725 Ofcom published today its 2012 Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes report, containing evidence about how children access media and parents monitor their use. For the first time, this report provides indicative information about children as young as 3  →

Measuring European Works

European Commission AVMS European Works Report Almost 65% of TV programmes shown in Member States are of EU origin, meeting the requirements of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive for both television and on-demand services. The majority of these European works however are domestic works – meaning  →

ATVOD finalises its European Works Plan

dreamstimemaximum_18118053-merge The final version of the ¨European Works¨ plan for 2012-2015 was published today by ATVOD, the Authority for TV on Demand. ATVOD is the industry content co-regulator responsible for implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive under UK law. Under  →

Connected TV Conference in Cyprus

connected-tv The Cyprus Radiotelevision Authority and the European Commission will host the “Connected TV Conference” in Cyprus on 25 and 26 October. The event will focus on the challenges of connected TV in a landscape beyond the Audiovisual Media Services Directive  →

The IIC Annual Conference in Singapore

ac2012-header-400x300 Policymakers, regulators and industry participants from around the world will meet in Singapore on 8th & 9th October for the Annual Conference of the International Institute of Communications. This is the 43rd annual conference for the organisation, which is the  →

AEPOC Re-Branding as AAPA

Piracy According to a very short blog post by Sheila Cassells, Executive Director AEPOC, the European anti-piracy trade organisation will soon be changing its name in a re-branding exercise. More information will be made available shortly about the new Audiovisual Anti-Piracy  →