Getting up to Speed on Media Convergence Regulation

Getting up to Speed on Media Convergence Regulation As Europe’s lawmakers begin getting to grips with the legal challenges of ´media convergence´ ahead of a review of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) slated for 2015, two excellent publications set the backdrop for understanding the issues on the  →

EU Regulators Propose New VOD Country of Destination Rules

EU-Media-Convergence-dreamstimemaximum_7276589 A change from the ´country of origin´ principle to ´country of destination´ regulation is under consideration as EU regulators convene for ´media convergence´ debates in this pivotal European election year. ¨EPG Prominence¨ is another topic under scrutiny – meaning that  →

Investment theme: Net neutrality

dreamstimemaximum_17769332-cm-resaerch-theme-net-neutrality-sm The rules governing net neutrality in the US are poised to change. This could significantly increase earnings for some US broadband providers such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon whilst simultaneously reducing earnings for heavy internet bandwidth users such as Netflix,  →

3D Printing in the Spotlight

3d technology What are the hottest developments in 3D printing? And what are the interesting companies to watch? Shares in leading 3D printing stocks have collapsed by up to 40% in the last three months. 3D printing, or “additive manufacturing”, is the  →

App Regulation on the Horizon too?

dreamstimemaximum_17345251-sm As regulators struggle to make sense of the new app-enabled economy,  a new report has been published today that examines the attitudes, behaviours and experiences of app (application) users and the app environment. Like a similar report published this week  →

Technology Investment Themes from Mobile World Congress 2014

Other-Towns-Barcelona-P1160547-bcn-small2 CM Research highlights how investors should play some of the technology investment themes that came up at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week. TMT sector strategist Cyrus Mewawalla points you to recent research by his firm in  →

Free report on the TV and VOD market in Russia

Set of white laptops The TV Market and Video on Demand in the Russian Federation is a new free report from the European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Edited by KVG Research, a Moscow-based consultancy company, the main objective  →

Newspapers Speak Out on New ATVOD Scope Guidance

avms-watch-broadcastprojects_16860743 ATVOD, the co-regulator for video-on-demand services in the UK, has published new guidance related to the ¨scope¨ of on-demand video services that are covered by the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) regulatory framework as implemented in the UK. The new  →

New Report on Internet Safety for Children and Parents

DT_16426588 Ofcom has published a new report for the UK Government that benchmarks the take-up, awareness and confidence of parents in relation to the use of online parental controls. The report on internet safety measures draws on pre-published research contained in  →

How private is personal data?

dreamstime_xxl_18716338 copy Is no information sacred when we live in a world seemingly dominated by Facebook, WikiLeaks and whistle-blowers? But according to the law, our personal information is supposed to be kept private. Although much of our personal information (contact details, personal  →