Technology & Innovation @ ParcBIT

Flora-Palms-Menorca-DSC2431-tech-hubIs your start up located in a big grey city? ParcBIT  in Mallorca is a thriving tech hub and incubator sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, offering a high quality of life and at the same time an excellent infrastructure.

Broadcast Projects is in attendance at the US / Spain business days being held at ParcBIT on April 23 and 24 in Mallorca, and we´re pretty impressed impressed by the place. Keith Silver, Deputy Senior Commercial Officer of the US Embassy Madrid, responsible for international trade and development, today presented the services of the embassy, as well as the business opportunities and highlighted the business opportunities between the Balearic Islands and the US. In attendance were government officials responsible for promoting technology and innovation investment in the Balearic Islands, as well as participants from many different business sectors interested in export opportunities.

Key companies already at ParcBIT, which is just amazing and has wonderful facilities with more than 2400 people already working there in what appears to be a very thriving and stimulating environment, include Microsoft´s Innovation Center for Tourism Technologies, and many more. Check out the full the list here.

The ParcBIT Innovation Unit aims to fast-track investment in the Balearic Islands. It is part of the support network for innovation, new technologies, the promotion of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship to develop different institutions and agencies of the Balearic Islands. This unit serves Balearic businesses and entrepreneurs, and has a focus on innovation to improve its competitiveness. ParcBIT offers a one stop shop and is an ideal location, being very well connected with flights to Palma just one or two hours away from all major European cities. We hope more technology companies will check out this great opportunity.

If you are interested in learning more about technology innovation and investment in the Balearic Islands, please contact us.