Alan Mercer Heads Technical Launch of Allocine

Broadcast Projects consulting associate Alan Mercer, of GBF Media, headed the technical launch team that saw the birth of Allociné, a TV channel dedicated to the world of cinema, launched in Paris on 5th September. The production and transmission facilities known as Pixagility, based in the Parisian suburb of Boulogne were part-designed and built by Alan who consequently supervised the launch of the platform’s first  full-time channel clients.

The 24/7 TV channel is running on a Pharos MAM solution (now Evertz) with IP encoding on site to four French IPTV platforms, with satellite (Canal Sat) due on 20th September. In terms of content, a different movie is shown every night, as well as varied programming regarding the cinema industry.

Allociné already has a very strong web offer, its main business being the sale of cinema tickets and associated products. In 2010 it sold over one million cinema tickets with a turnover of €25 million. The site was one of the first sites to offer HD clips and trailers on-line in the mid-1990s.