ATVOD finalises its European Works Plan

The final version of the ¨European Works¨ plan for 2012-2015 was published today by ATVOD, the Authority for TV on Demand. ATVOD is the industry content co-regulator responsible for implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive under UK law.

Under AVMS, each member state has an obligation to to ensure that on-demand service providers ¨promote, where practicable and by appropriate means, production of and access to European works¨, that is to say, audiovisual content produced within the European Union.

In 2011 ATVOD collected its first round of data from service providers, covering a one year period ending 31 March 2011, and submitted a report on the data received to UK Government via Ofcom. As AVMS has a reporting requirement every four years, the next report the UK Government is required to submit is 19 December 2015.

ATVOD´s plan rejects the need for measures such as quotas, levies, and stipulations of prominence which have been adopted by some other EU Member states. The plan also marks a move away from annual data collection on European works on VOD services. Instead, ATVOD will collect data every two years, beginning in 2013.

Service providers will be contacted in January 2013 with details of the information to be provided and will have until 31 Sept 2013 to submit the data, allowing the workload to be managed around other commitments. In addition, the plan limits the information which will be required to 6 key pieces of data (compared with the 14 suggested by the Commission), as ATVOD does not consider additional data sets are required in order to discharge its duty or for the UK to meet its reporting obligations under the AVMS Directive.