ATVOD Fees Update



ATVOD, the regulator responsible for enforcing the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMS) have released their new fee structure today, 28 June, for the coming year ahead. The details can be found here.

For large companies that fall into the “Super A Rate” category with annual turnover above £25m, it will mean an increase from £ 2900 in Year 1, to £10,350 for Year 2 fees. However, for smaller companies, the numbers have dropped significantly.

One interesting extract from the statement can be found in para 4.6. which states: “In many EU member states the VOD industry is at a much less advanced stage than in the UK. Comparisons between the cost of regulation in the UK, which has over 140 such services, and the cost in countries with few VOD services are therefore of limited validity.”

In contrast, the Dutch Media regulator has stated that the VOD registration fee will be about 150 Euros a year. Even though there are economic differences in the way that regulatory costs are apportioned in each country, ATVOD’s statement would appear to be in conflict with the Dutch regulator’s opinion that there could be 300-500 services in scope, highlighting the differing approaches to scope from one member state to the next. See our separate report here.

For an excel analysis of the fees options that were set forth in the ATVOD consultation, and the corresponding consultation responses, and for further details about video on demand regulation under AVMS, please contact us.