DVB and IRT Workshop: Beyond the TV Transport Stream

DVB and IRT Host ¨Beyond the Transport Stream¨ WorkshopDVB and IRT to host workshop – “Beyond the TV Transport Stream¨ – examining the approach to the delivery of TV and on-demand services

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and the Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH (IRT) will host a one day workshop titled ¨Beyond the Transport Stream¨ that will examine DVB’s approach to the delivery of TV and on-demand services to consumers. The workshop will focus on native IP and other technologies in addition to, or in place of, traditional MPEG Transport Streams (TS) that have worked well over the last twenty years. With the increasing range of devices now in use by consumers to receive content, broadcasters and distributors are facing increasing complexity in delivering services in this new environment.

The workshop will take place at the IRT head offices in Munich on Tuesday, May 19 from 08.30 to 16.30 CET. The workshop is open both to DVB Members and to non-members as well. The programme will include a tutorial presentation by Thomas Stockhammer of Qualcomm and John Simmons of Microsoft that will take a look at how new technologies are used instead of Transport Streams today. This session will provide examples of content distribution without TS and the increasing complexity faced by content owners and distributors to format and deliver content to consumers using an increasing array of devices over many distribution networks.

The view from other standards organizations and their approaches will be addressed by Rich Chernock (ATSC), Dr Shuichi Aoki (NHK), Frederic Gabin (3GPP), Klaus Illgner (HbbTV) and a Jean Le Feuvre (Paris Tech  for ISO MPEG file formats).

Kevin Murray of Cisco will make the argument for not abandoning the Transport Stream and outline the reasons why Transport Streams were first adopted. He will compare the efficiency of TS versus IP solutions for broadcast applications and outline how IP content can be delivered alongside TS-based content.

A Technology Panel Discussion will include topics such as what the networks of the future will look like and can DVB’s new, more efficient technology be of use in future mobile networks? Taking part will be DVB Technical Module Chairman, Nick Wells (BBC), Steve Beck (Sony), Christoph Schaaf (Kabel Deutschland) and representatives of public broadcaster organizations.

A Commercial Panel will ask if competitive market pressures from internet-based providers and other private-sector broadcasters will require traditional broadcasters to change in order to survive and thrive. The panel will include DVB Commercial Model Chairman, Graham Mills, John Adam (Samsung) and Gilles Teniou (Orange).

The conference will close with a Panel Discussion that will contemplate, amongst other things, the implications for DVB. Phil Laven, DVB Chairman, along with Nick Wells, Graham Mills, and Hans Hoffmann, EBU Technical, will be among those taking part.
Further information regarding the Transport Stream Workshop can be found here.