CULT Audiovisual Policy Event on 13 July

European Parliament, Brussels

CULT, the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament, will hold a public hearing on EU audiovisual policy in the course of its meeting on the afternoon of 13 July 2011.

The hearing is intended to offer a chance for a general overview of current and likely future developments in the area, but is also loosely connected with an INI report by Mr. Borys (PL, EPP) on the same subject, drawn up in response to COM (2010) 0487 “Opportunities and challenges for European cinema in the digital era”.

The panel of four experts who will take the floor is  finalised, but their names, and the final programme, have not yet been released as of end June, however we will post it here as soon as it becomes available. The public hearing will take the form of a panel session with each of the four experts making their presentations, to be followed by a debate with MEPs. Representatives of the PL Presidency (to be confirmed) as well as the Commission will participate in this hearing. The experts involved in this event will be representatives from copyright collection, cinema/film, journalism, and a public broadcaster.

The general public may attend, but are not allowed to participate in the discussion.

The main goal is to provide a focus for debate and new legislative proposals on the new MEDIA programme (2014-2000) and also digital cinema. However the legislative proposal on the MEDIA programme is not expected before several months, so the debate will go ahead without knowing what the proposal will contain. A public hearing will take place on the same day on the future of the EU audiovisual policy in the digital area (covering AVMS).

The CULT Committee will also start working on two legislative proposals: one relating to the OHIM (Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market) and another relating to orphan works. The Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI), which prepares many important decisions of the European Parliament, is the lead committee for these two reports. CULT will also start work on a non-legislative opinion to the Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE) on “A Competitive Digital Single Market: E-Government”.

To participate  on 13 July, you need to notify the CULT committee of your wish to participate, or contact us for further details.