Digital Pills the Next Big Thing?

As if we weren´t already numb. A UK-based company has created an app called Digipill which it claims offers a kind of drug in the form of downloadable audio files. The mood-altering ´digital drugs´ claim to use psycho-acoustics as a form of therapy.

Created by UK-based mobile developer Yuza with the assistance of self-help author  Brian Colbert and apparently 20 years of neuro-linguistic research, the digital drugs consist of around half an hour of audio each. Although binaural techniques have existed already for some time – producing varying results – the Digipill app uses a form of hypnosis that can induce experiences ranging from relaxation to weight loss, to creative ambition and legal highs. Users can download the app at no cost and receive one free ‘pill’ to try before purchasing other options from the Pill Store.

The developers recommend that multiple sessions. No doubt they will also amend the mood of regulators.

Smoke some of that. We´ll let you know how we get on.