EuroReg 2015 in London – European Media Policy Debates

EuroReg, Zürich 2014

EuroReg, Zürich 2014

Broadcast Projects is working to bring the 5th annual eur§reg conference to London in 2015 and we are looking for additional sponsors to make it happen in the UK for the first time. eur§reg is an annual industry event focused on European media policy. It brings together regulators with TV and on-demand and online execs from all over Europe to foster cross border dialogue on major issues of regulation in the context of a converged, connected and globalised industry.

Founded by German media expert Dieter Brockmeyer, previous sponsors have been the Austrian, German and Swiss federal communications regulatory bodies. We have already secured a venue and one major sponsor, and an important London law firm has already agreed to host. We are seeking additional support to make it happen in the UK in 2015.

This year, a number of key debates have only just begun to get underway arising from the Commission´s 2013 Green paper consultation on ¨Media Convergence¨, jargon that broadly conveys the concern over the uneven playing field between services that are regulated vs those that are not. This month a summary of the 236 responses was finally published. Among the main contributors were broadcasters, network operators, trade bodies and regulatory bodies. The result? No clear consensus.

Europelogo_euroreg-jgan regulators have a busy year ahead, as the new Commission settles down afresh in 2016. Among the key topics are a review of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which was intended to put VOD services on a level-playing field with TV services when it came into force in 2009. Just five years on, heads are being scratched as to whether the directive is still fit for purpose. The French are trying hard to reverse the EU´s cornerstone ¨country of origin¨ principle with ¨country of destination¨ rules to address those pesky out-of-jurisdiction services. Imagine the implications for adhering to rules in each of every of the 28 Member States. On-demand video is everywhere, and the technology landscape never stops changing. Italian regulators note issues with the contribution to promotion of European works just as a new report on the topic is published by the European Audiovisual Observatory. Others decry the use of EU net neutrality rules by giants like Netflix, citing abuse of the regulatory system. A storm is brewing, but right now it´s far away on the horizon.

For eur§reg 2015 we want to ensure a broad dialogue that involves all who will be impacted by any new European media policy decisions. Most important of all, innovators who are new to the policy debates need to get involved.