IIC Conference Keynotes Now Online

The keynote addresses from the IIC 2012 Annual Conference in Singapore are now available online at  this link.

See and hear the keynote speakers from the 2012 Annual Conference:

  • Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, the Singapore Minister for Information – opening presentation
  • Craig Mundie, Microsoft, talking about the future of technology. Craig  speaks about how cloud computing represents a real advance for consumers because they become a point of orchestration and coordination in people´s lives, the shift away from GUI to NUI (natural user interfaces) and how spectrum has got to be shared.
  • Randal Milch, Verizon, discussing the requirements of businesses to meet public policy goals
  • Ed Richards, Ofcom (UK), considers the challenges facing regulators
  • Louis Boswell, AETN All Asia Networks, reflects on the changing content delivery environment