Lean Marketing for Consultants and Entrepreneurs

Do you enjoy promoting and selling yourself? Are you sure how to use social media? Love the idea of doing marketing on top of all the other things you have to do?

No matter whether you are a consultant, entrepreneur, film director, CEO, or even a nerdy engineer, this course will help you define a marketing strategy you can manage yourself.

If you want to learn how to be master of your own destiny and no longer be dependent on big PR companies, or, if you have little to no marketing support at all, contact us now to schedule your place on the next course.

  • Weekly 1 hour group call over 4 weeks
  • Follow-up documentation after every call
  • 4 hours of personal coaching by phone
  • 4 months of personal support and monitoring

Over a period of four weekly group calls we'll cover Twitter and LinkedIn for business.

You will learn how to find and connect with new prospects and do better at marketing.

You will acquire a solid understanding of how to tie your marketing strategy together into a single plan that you can manage yourself. We will teach you to find new business leads, network and make new contacts using marketing and social media strategies that work.

I can help with marketing, PR, training and executive leadership. And I can straighten you out on social media, once and for all."

Janet Greco
Founder & Principal Consultant, Broadcast Projects

This course delivers the results you need to define and take command of your marketing. We will help you get focused, get your corporate identity under control, help you get active on social media and create content, as well as get ready for your important trade shows.

Four Hours Private Coaching

Additionally we will schedule four hours of private time to speak to give you a sounding board and refine your plan. In these sessions you'll get clarifications and ask specific questions. We´ll put a deeper focus on the things that are important to your business.

Four Months of Support

From the start, our support and monitoring service kicks in. This is tailored just for you. We will leverage our social media and accounts to give you a little boost, and keep an eye on what you are doing, giving personalised tips on how to get started or refine your plan.

We´ll cover best practice for engagement, how to make new friends and influence people. By the end you will have a lean marketing plan that lets you to take control of your online identity and social media marketing efforts in a manner that is easy to manage yourself.

"Janet helped us devise and execute a social media strategy. Her advice has been invaluable and she exceeded our expectations of what was possible for a company of our size. Janet will remain a close and trusted digital media advisor. I would have no hesitation in recommending her."

Cyrus Mewawalla
CEO, CM Research, London

About the Trainer

Meet your trainer, Janet Greco, CEO and Founder of Broadcast Projects.

Janet helps businesses clarify their communications and marketing strategies helping them gain knowledge, boost their confidence and chart their own course.

Janet will help you save time and avoid the trouble it takes to make sense of the approximately one million sources of free information out there on how to market your business, manage your personal brand and use social media.

Janet blends all her many years of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant in the global media, entertainment and technology sectors. As an American based in Europe she will put her unique international perspective, connections and knowledge to work for you.

Janet will be your sounding board, quickly pinpointing issues and providing practical solutions. Together she´ll assist you to evaluate, plan and implement cost-effective marketing strategies that fit your business needs and budgets.

Janet Greco

Founder and Principal Consultant, Broadcast Projects