NDS Surfaces – Looking Ahead

NDS Surfaces, Demonstration at IBC 2011, Simon Parnall

The NDS demonstration at IBC certainly had the ´wow´ factor. Broadcast Projects was there, and it was impressive. We were already thinking about more immersive media in an earlier post, Ghosts in the Machine, by Chris Arkenberg, in which he examines how the built environment can be merged with media space, and how architecture could take on new roles related to branding, image and consumerism.

Indeed, NDS is on the way, with its ¨Surfaces¨ demo, shown above.  There were a few excellent overall reviews of the NDS Surfaces demo. For convenience, we list a few of them here:

The V-Net Review of the NDS Surfaces demo – by John Moulding
Informa TV´s Review of NDS Surfaces – by William Cooper

As consultants, we´re logging the shift in home design and the implications of these technology advances which are relevant to architecture and human experience. In future our homes will have to elegantly integrate all this technology and be energy conscious too. Your 3-d printer will have to be fitted in just like your dishwasher is today. Or, as this impressive concept video by Harvard University´s Greg Tran demonstrates, could it even go further?
Our thinking goes way beyond the ¨multi-screen strategies¨ which took center stage at IBC. And such ´provisioned´ experiences will certainly raise some troubling privacy questions which remain a huge challenge for regulators and the public at large, as portrayed in ¨G-Male¨, an amusing, but dead-on video, which looks at the world pretty much as it already is today (though it has to be said, the spoof could have been directed at some other companies too).

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