New Slovenian Media Law

Slovenia has finally transposed the Audio Visual Media Services (AVMS) Directive into national law. It entered into force on 17th November 2011. The Act on Audiovisual Media Services was adopted after many failed attempts to reform Slovenian media laws over the years. The European Commission started an infringement procedure against Slovenia early in 2011, and this remains pending, since the Commission now has to analyse the newly notified measures and ensure that the Directive has been correctly implemented.

APEK is the national regulatory authority responsible for AVMS implementation. Additional statutory instruments are in process of being drafted to enable practical implementation of AVMS. Among the new powers that APEK has been granted are the ability to collect greater amounts of information, the ability to impose financial sanctions and the ability to collect fees from all the providers – both linear and non-linear – of AVMS services. The new law also reduces the amount of advertising allowed on public service TV channels, to ten minutes of advertising per hour during daytime, and 7 minutes per hour between 6pm and 11pm in the evening.

{filelink=2} the Slovenian Media Law.

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