Ofcom to review ATVOD in 2012/13

Ofcom published its Draft Annual Plan 2012/13 on 8 December 2011, which will address, among other things, a review of regulation of video on demand. According to the document published:

4.39 We will continue to review our wider regulatory approach to content regulation, to ensure that it remains fit for purpose, continues to serve the interests of citizens and consumers, and is clear for stakeholders.

4.40 There will be a number of challenges in this area. Changes in technology, including the emergence of mass-market IPTV services in the UK, will challenge the existing regulatory structures, which were designed predominantly for linear broadcasting. We will continue to work with our co-regulators, such as ATVOD, to develop these regulatory structures. We will consider how regulatory approaches to content regulation might further evolve to remain fit for purpose and proportionate.

4.41 In March 2012, two years will have passed since the Authority for Television On Demand (ATVOD) was designated by Ofcom as the co-regulator of editorial content in on-demand services. In accordance with the terms of the Designation, Ofcom is required to carry out a review of ATVOD. We will conduct this review during 2012/13; it will assess the overall effectiveness of the co-regulatory arrangements for on-demand services.

The full text of Ofcom’s Draft Annual Plan 2012/13 can be found here. The consultation also addresses issues around spectrum policy including geolocation services and white spaces, possible access by Channel Four to the television licence fee and local television.

Ofcom is holding a series of public meetings to hear people’s views.

The meetings will provide an opportunity for everyone with an interest in the regulation of the communications industries to discuss Ofcom’s approach to television, radio, telecoms, postal and wireless communications services. Each meeting will begin with a brief presentation, after which there will be an opportunity to comment and ask questions.

All meetings are open and free of charge. If you would like to attend an event, please click here.

The Consultation Document can be found here and the deadline for responses is 5pm on 17 February 2012.