Sales Success

Your business has been steadily growing, increasing its industry profile, and delivering great products and services. As your business expands your prospects start turning into happy customers. Or maybe not?

​Are events starting to control your business?

Do you have difficulty filling your sales pipeline?

Have you been so far unable to make an impact?

Concerned that your messaging might be unclear?

Broadcast Projects ​provides an objective sounding board to ​CEOs, Entrepreneurs, ​Sales and Marketing Directors,​ ​Engineers, Consultants and Creatives. ​We help those who are trying fix their sales processes and do a better job at promoting their businesses ​in the broadcast media, telecoms and technology ​sectors.

We work on global business development​ for broadcast, technology and ​OTT video streaming ​services. Our work covers change management and restructuring of sales processes from Lead Qualification to Closing, as well as ​adjusting marketing messages. 

So many businesses are so close to their own products and services they have difficulty to simplify the messaging. We'll also help you with scoping out the global market for your products and services, ​​and accessing targeted influencers, the press and ​industry analysts

​Ask us also for more detail about One-on-One Personal Brand Development, Commercial Proposal / Document Review, ​Website ​/ Social Media Audit, and Group Training ​Sessions.