Second Screen Summit in Amsterdam during IBC

The 2nd Screen Summit is taking place concurrently during the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, on the afternoon of Saturday, 8th September. The Second Screen Society, newly formed in early July 2012, is hosting the event. The goals of the new society are to facilitate exchange, collaboration, and to promote the interests of its members, such as second screen app providers Zeebox, TVplus, Buddy TV, metadata companies such as Ree Bee Media, Rovi, RCDb, Watchwith and many others involved in the second screen ecosystem such as Civolution, EIDR and Technicolor, to mention just a few.

Second-screen devices and apps are the latest industry buzz, and Broadcast Projects has been looking deeply at the very fuel that is required for driving second screen applications: metadata. This is a subject that has moved on significantly since the days of acquiring mere programme-level descriptive information to power an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). The new data comes from a variety of real-time and other sources, enriching that basic program-level metadata in innovative ways. To drive app development, some players look at curation, others automation, or a combination of the two. All of this is of course inextricably linked to how applications connect to social platforms, including strategies to increase sharing, and ultimately monetisation. A holistic approach is definitely mandatory for anyone already in the game or contemplating a play in this crowded, complex and very hot area right now.

Second Screen Society┬┤s President, Chuck Parker, is certainly very knowledgeable on app functionality and user interfaces, having analysed practically every app that has come out this year, and blogging extensively on the subject since late last year. It therefore promises to be a well-informed event.

The 2nd Screen Summit Amsterdam kicks off at 4pm at the Okura Hotel. To register, the link is here.

Janet Greco, Broadcast Projects, will attend. If you are seeking independent advice on how to optimise your second screen data sourcing strategies, contact us.