Smart TV in Italy

New report

dreamstimemaximum_11846901Smart TV in Italy is the first of a series of strategy reports from Deadline Media TV on OTT and connected television. The analysis details the current market for Smart TVs in Italy within the framework of broadcasting, broadband and mobile communications. It provides five year forecasts and analysis of risks, uncertainties and competing and complimentary platforms.

Using MHP, Italy is the first country to widely deploy a broadcaster centric horizontal platform in competition with proprietary platforms of major television manufacturers. It therefore provides major lessons for connected and OTT television in other European countries deploying HbbTV or MHEG IC. However MHP has, so far, progressed little further than from proof of concept.

The key finding of this report is that connected television is taking off in Italy at a time when the existing broadcasting sector is faced with intense pressure to change. Advertising revenues have been brutally hit by austerity and the conventional pay-TV sector has probably peaked. A substantial amount of spectrum is now available for new linear-scheduled DTT services. Italy has been underserved by television even though Italians love it.

Deadline Media concludes that for the time being OTT will be driven by catchup TV and VoD films; the two major terrestrial incumbents, RAI and Mediaset, are positioned to dominate catchup TV because they have the content and the brand names.

Italy is a demanding and major G8 market for the new generation of services. The “Old Regime” is not serving the Italian consumer well, opening new opportunities for content providers, television vendors, STB and complimentary box distributors, CDN and service companies, the mobile sector, advertisers and carriers. Italy is a natural home for hybrid broadcast-broadband services.

The new report, Smart TV in Italy, comprehensively addresses the key strategic issues covering Smart TV and OTT TV/connected TV offerings. It is targeted at general management, business development, strategy, marketing and sales executives, content providers, researchers and analysts, investors, policy makers and standardisation organisations.

Published in February 2013, this 87-page electronically-delivered report comes as a PDF file. More information can be found on the Broadband TV News web shop, where it can also be ordered online, but as a single-user version or as a single site lience. For further details contact Deadline Media TV.