Sojournposse – with a ¨Purpose¨

Sojournposse is a creative consulting agency consisting of a team of designers and storytellers who aim to make a difference in the community. As creatives, they believe in developing relationships and promote understanding by making things together. There are a lot of problems in society, such as social imbalance, that need to be addressed. We debate and write news articles about them. We discuss them at higher education seminars. And then what?

Sojournposse focuses on using its design, journalism and digital anthropology skills to create programmes that have empowering and lasting impact on for stakeholders.  In other words,  solving problems through design and social sciences. The aim is to encourage positive behavioural change within the community.

Founders Zarina Holmes and Salina Christmas have been commissioned to deliver projects such as the coverage of a fashion show in a conflict region, multimedia campaigns for NGOs and multi-faith groups, storytelling and publishing workshops for international and UK students, and engaging design workshops in collaboration with big corporations and academic institutions.

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