Strategic Business Support

Do you want to attract the attention of VCs and Accelerators? Make an impact with your next conference presentation? Impress your clients and win more business?

Broadcast Projects offers strategic business support to established companies, start-ups and SMEs, or anyone who feels they could benefit from an objective outsider opinion.

New Markets, New Contacts & Deal Review

Usually people writing their own proposals are so deeply involved in the project they cannot adequately evaluate how their businesses are perceived by clients, analysts and investors. We know what makes a proposal ´tick all the right boxes´and what makes others fall short of getting a good reaction, or getting read at all.

Over the past few years, I realised I enjoyed reviewing proposals and helping younger entrepreneurs and business owners. I had been asked to review some documentation and websites. Then, I was an Expert Evaluator for Horizon 2020 and read many proposals. I can give you an opinion and help you revise your commercial and funding proposals for language and clarity before you put them in front important business contacts. I'll help you step back and get clear on how your presentation comes across. I´ll help you improve it and give you a unique international perspective on your business. I particularly enjoy sharing my knowledge and providing an objective perspective to help businesses grow."

Janet GrecoFounder & Principal Consultant, Broadcast Projects

Contact us for help with:

New Markets, New Contacts - use our worldwide network, built up over many years, to make new connections to grow your broadcast, tech or media industry business.

Proposals - Do you need help preparing a business or funding proposal? Or a review for English language and grammar? Are you unsure of what to charge and what business terms you need to put into the offer? We can help you ensure your documents, including EC and accelerator funding proposals, are convincing and clear.

Thanks to Janet's "eagle eye", we were able to get our SOUL-FI Smart Cities submission positioned right in just a couple of days. If you are in a project for a long time it becomes very difficult to step back and look from the outside-in. Janet grasps ideas quickly and has a canny ability to get to the essence quickly. No matter how many pages you throw at her. I highly recommend Janet if you are looking for a 2nd opinion on your marketing documentation. She works quickly. She is very focused, direct and to the point."

Marc Verschaeren
Owner, Red Dog Communications S.A., Luxembourg

Deal Review – Have you been offered a deal but are not sure if it´s a good one or not? Learn from our experience in deal-making and we´ll provide you with a view and advice on whether it´s a fit and how to respond, taking into account what´s important to you and helping you decide how to move forward.

Angels, Investors, VCs – Are you getting into a new relationship with a venture capital fund or angel investors? We can help you figure out the best way to handle the negotiations, help you assess whether the deal is the right fit and, if necessary, identify alternatives.

Sounding Board - Difficult issues such as managing growth, or problem clients, can be a huge drain. If you´re not sure how to respond to a specific situation, we´ll act as your sounding board to help you figure out how to resolve a seemingly impossible situation.