Broadcast Projects was established in 2004 to bring together a network of trusted professionals specialised in broadcast management and technology consulting projects.

Janet Greco​, founder and principal consultant, ​​provides strategic business and marketing support to the senior management of leading ​pay TV and OTT streaming video businesses worldwide. ​

Having navigated a career in TV ​​metadata and content technology​ across the pan-European ​marketplace, ​she ​offers ​a wide network of industry contacts and an international perspective, ​looking at the the big picture to create the best strategies for helping businesses stand out in a global marketplace.

Broadcast Projects works with Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Sales and Marketing Directors, video metadata teams, C-level executives, Start-Ups, Engineers, Consultants and Creatives. ​We help those who are trying to do a better job at promoting their businesses and/or who need an objective outside sounding board or consulting project. Our marketing services cater to small to mid size companies and independent contractors in the broadcast media, telecoms and technology industry.

We are based in Barcelona and our offices are co-located with the UI/UX design firm Squeaky Carrot.

​Put ​My Experience to Work for You

​"As an entrepreneur and CEO with many many years experience in the broadcast media sector, I have worked on a wide range of projects and have a large network. If you need a consultant, I can give you advice and direction. Likewise, if you are a consultant!

Over the past few years, I began advising younger entrepreneurs. I had been asked to review some documentation and websites. Then, I became an Expert Evaluator for Horizon 2020 and read many proposals.

I'll help you get clear on how your presentation comes across and how you can improve it, giving you a unique international perspective on your business. I can help with marketing, PR, training and executive leadership. And I can straighten you out on social media, once and for all. I particularly enjoy sharing my knowledge and providing an objective perspective to help businesses grow."

Janet Greco

Janet Greco - Founder and Principal Consultant, Broadcast Projects