Struggling to sell your products and services into the TV market?

During my career in the global TV market I’ve seen the rise of digital TV, the internet and now - a collision between the broadcast and streaming worlds. Selling into that market is really tough, because you not only have to deal with the jargon and hype - you also have to:

  • position yourself against a fast-changing and highly competitive market;

  • deal with complex incumbent technologies;

  • find and connect with sought-after key persons; and

  • present your business case in terms they understand - and will get them excited.

If you’re struggling to sell your technology into the TV market, you have to deal with all of these problems - and still present a compelling business case that excites potential clients.

Get years of industry experience, insight and connections on your side

You can do what I did when I started out - learn things the hard way. Or you can take a shortcut and work with a professional who knows the international TV business inside and out. Someone with connections, a long career in broadcast media and someone who was a founder at the very start of data-driven TV.

Helping me execute these engagements are my international resources in the broadcast and OTT markets, as well as my wide and deep network of connections across the industry. Insights into major industry events, connections with press and analysts — sources and relationships that will take an outsider a lot of time to develop.

Whether your company is new, struggling to grow or an experienced technology provider, I can help you overcome your challenges selling into the global TV market.

How I help my clients

Every engagement starts with a call to see if I can help. Where necessary, I will craft a roadmap to make sure we’re doing all the right stuff to get you where you need to be. And then we’ll work in an engagement tailored for your needs and budget.

I’ve helped TV technology companies:

  • craft market entry strategies that actually work;

  • make trade shows like IBC and NAB work for them;

  • find and connect to the right channels to build market awareness;

  • find and connect to the right influencers and decision makers who can benefit from your products and services; and

  • navigate the jargon and hype so you can present a compelling case for your offerings.

I’ve also worked in roles including:

  • Executive Advisory: strategy review and development together with an ongoing advisory to the executive team;

  • Business Development: working with the business development team (if there is one) to develop connections with key potential customers;

  • Sales Change Management: working with the sales team to review and update sales collateral, plan trade shows, develop sales pitches and identify ideal clients.

Ultimately, it’s about getting you where you need to be, so my engagement with you will be customized for your needs and budget.

Position yourself and get connected

I would love to see if I can help you position yourself and get connected — so you can stand out and sell more in the global TV market. Click on through to see all the ways you can connect with me.